Compound Microscope
Study of a compound microscope


1. To know the different parts and function of microscope.

2. To know the magnification and resolving power.

3. To know the focusing of microscope.



Microsocopes are the instruments designed to magnify as well as resolve the image of object seen through it. In light or optical microscope, magnification is obtained by a system of optical lenses using light waves, eg compound microscope.

Magnification is the increase in tsize of an optical image over the size of object being viewed. Resolving powe is the ability to distinguish two close points as two separate points. The resolving power of compound microscope is o-25 mm when white light is used.


Different parts and their functions

Mechanical parts

Foot or base: It is horse showe shaped which helps to keep the microscope in place.

Pillar: It connects the base with the arm of microscope and supports moveable parts.

Inclination joint: It joins the pilalr with the lower parts of arm and helps to tilt microscope.

Arm: It is the curve shaped aback rising from pillar that supports different parts.

Mirror fork: It helps to adjust and hold mirror.

Condenser knob:

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