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Monday, 24th of November, 2008 04:55:11 PM
1.All the students who haven't played even 1 match are called on 28th Nov,Friday at 8am.
2.All the winners are to be in lab on 29th Nov,Saturday at 1pm.
NFS Semi-finals on 26th Nov,Wednesday at 4:35pm.
1.Match of Group D on 26th Nov,Wednesday at 4:45pm.
2.Final match on 27th Nov,thursday at 4:35pm.
CoD??????MoH  (hmm...still not fixed but not to are the GAMERz right???)!!!
Match of Group A: 28th Nov,Friday at 8am.
Group B: 28th Nov,Friday at 8:30am.
Group C: 29th Nov,Saturday at 1pm.
Group D: 29th Nov,Saturday at 1:30pm.
Final 29th Nov,Saturday at 2pm.
If you have any questions or problem understanding schedule, contact Utcrist Raj Onta (I.Sc 2G) 9741040256.